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2010 summer-end junior news

We had a great tennis summer at Windyke. Below are the highlights:

Junior Team Tennis
- In the 14s, Windyke Lightning members Alexa and Megan get the Most-Matches-Played award with 7 and 6, respectively. In our other 14s team, Windyke Storm, Tori played 5 matches.
- Our 10s, Windyke Lightning tied for 2nd place in the Chattanooga State Tournament: Brenna, Sankee, Ben and Pranay. Brenna gets the Iron Girl Award, as she played a total of 10 matches at the state tournament.
- Our 8s, Windyke Stars, won the Chattanooga State Tournament. Congrats, Emily, Lydia, Jay and Sai!

Windyke Summer Tournament Series
- Big Dog winner: Blake B.
- Little Dog winner: Sankee M.

State Ranked players that have participated in Windyke Summer 2010 programs:

Boy 14s
- Tyler Myers (17)
- Joe George (28)
- Blake Wiseman (34)
- Nick Cotros (54)
- Ben Leonard (67)
- Caleb Hern (82)
- Lucas Skinner (111)

Girl 16s
- Bailey Pinckernell (118)

Girl 14s
- Tori Hooker (41)
- Julia Hostetter (62)
- Sydney Seger (12)

Girl 12s
- Sydney Lanyon (44)
- Mary-Lane Pinckernell (80)

Boy 12s
- Ben Leonard (10)
- Nick Myers (79)

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