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JTT Champs Feb 28 Step-Step-Rip Forehand lesson: video follow-up.

Ok, JTT Champs. Today we worked on step-step-rip, especially when the ball is just a bit shorter to where we step forward, inside the baseline to hit it. Sometimes it looks really awkward and arrhythmic to hit open stance when the ball is a bit short and all we have to do is move forwards a couple of steps.

There's a time for open stance and there's a time for neutral stance step-step-rip. Here is the promised video. Plenty of open stance forehands from Federer. But look for step-step-rip forehands at these times in the video:
0:41 2:16 2:34 2:52 2:57 4:23 4:43
Please leave a comment with any observations.

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