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Windyke Tennis Reopens Courts

MAY 13, 2020
On April 17, we began taking reservations for member play on four of our five outdoor courts. The fifth outdoor court has not been used in adherence to safety guidelines. The indoor courts have also been unavailable for member play. During this time, the instructional staff has provided private and semi-private lessons. Beginning Friday, May 15, we will open all outdoor courts and allow indoor play on a limited basis. We will also begin to phase in group classes for adults and juniors. Please review the following procedures and schedules:
  • Adhere to safety guidelines, especially social distance (6 feet)
  • Arrive and depart within 15 minutes of play. No gathering!
  • Reservations are highly recommended. To reserve a court:
  1. Phone (901) 754-2430 or text (901) 568-0472 to request a time.
  2. Receive confirmation from tennis staff.
  3. Submit names of all players before beginning play.
  4. Any fees can be paid by member charge or Venmo @MJ-Garnett
  • Daily Court Reservation Sheets will be posted in our breezeway
  • Adult classes to begin May 18. To sign up for a class:
  1. Phone (901) 754-2430 or text (901) 568-0472.
  2. Receive confirmation from tennis staff.
  3. Fees can be paid by member charge or Venmo @MJ-Garnett
  4. Class sizes will be limited.
**If you would like to participate in MEMBER ONLY "Advanced Cardio 3.5 & Up" on Friday, May 15, 9:30-11:00 a.m., follow the procedure outlined above.
MJ Garnett

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